Nominee For Director



I began my tax career in 2006 after moving to Westby, WI and founding Evenstad Tax Service, LLP with my mother-in-law.  I graduated with a bachelors degree in Accountancy from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. I became an enrolled agent in 2011 and graduated from NTPI in 2015.

Currently, I’m the chair of the PR & Social Media Committee and serve on the awards committee.  I was the 2016 NAEA Emerging Leader recipient.  I have previously served as co-chair of the PR Committee and Education Committee, chair of the Social Media Task Force and member of the Nominating, Awards, and PR Committees. I also currently serve as the Wisconsin Society of Enrolled Agents as their President (2015- May 2019) and past Vice-President and Director.

I have attended the Schuldiner/Smollan Leadership Academy, many Fly-In Days and Affiliate President’s Exchange, and recently the pilot Graduate SSLA program. I proudly support the NAEA PAC.

I served as a director of our local ski jumping club and remain very active after serving on the board for six years.  I was the Executive Director of the Westby Area Chamber of Commerce for eleven years. Connect with me on Facebook (Trish Spengler Evenstad, EA), LinkedIn, and Twitter (TrishEvenstad).

Statement of Goals
Encouraging and engaging emerging enrolled agents is key to making the National Association vibrant and strong.  Times are changing, and young professionals are very technology based and we need to keep up with the ever-changing social media and education preferences.  We must adapt to capture the interest of the younger generation and make sure they understand the amazing benefit of being part of the NAEA. I would strive to continue to help the NAEA move forward with technology and social media.  We must work closely with our affiliates to build our membership and sense of community/family by giving them the tools to attract young professionals.

Using knowledge-based governance I feel we utilize information from other associations to guide us in being successful in attracting new enrolled agents to our educational events and in turn to becoming members. I think we need to bring more fun in to our association.  Education is critical in our profession and making our education fun and attractive will help us thrive.  If attendees of our events have fun they are more likely to become members or recruit new members.  We also need to educate the EA profession as to how much the NAEA is actually doing as far as advocacy on behalf of all enrolled agents and not just it’s members.  They need to see that the NAEA cares about them and promotes them and their profession at all times and in many ways.

The last line of a dying society is “We always did it that way”. What are your ideas that will move our association forward with fresh perspectives and still remain true to the ideals and principles that our members have come to rely on?

One idea to help move our association forward is to plan more events that are more relaxed and social to allow our members to have fun and get to know each other.  We can plan events outside of the conference center to encourage attendees to bring their spouse or family to events.  We can also plan events for the family to partake in while attendees are in classes.

Another idea I have is to partner with larger organizations and businesses to promote themselves and us.  A couple examples of this would be the Weather Channel or the American Red Cross.  We help them by providing them with tax experts and they in turn will be promoting the enrolled agent credential by having is on their TV station or their social media.